Recognized by NCTE and affiliated to WBBPE

Goals and Objectives

  1. 1. To conduct teacher education programmes to enhance teaching proficiency of aspiring teachers
  2. 2. To develop academic abilities as well as co-curricular interests in students so that they best their peers
  3. 3. To promote the use of software and ICT materials in teaching learning
  4. 4. To promote the practice of rendering community services among the teachers and students to instill a deep sense of empathy and social bonding
  5. 5. To provide students with platforms to develop their potentials and talents in keeping with their aspirations
  6. 6. To encourage staff members to work on their continuous academic development
  7. 7. To provide healthy and supportive school environment for internship training of students
  8. 8. To promote and expand the scope for conducting educational research activities through innovative practices

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction followed in the college is English and Bengali.

Identity Card

During the course, every student is provided with an identity card. Students must come to the college with their identity cards and must show the card at the main entrance of the college. Loss of identity card must be reported to the college authority immediately.

College Discipline

Discipline is what that brings success in any sphere of life. Students are expected to maintain discipline and calm in the classrooms., in the College Office, in the Library and Reading Room, in the Meeting Hall, at the playground and on the college campus. They are expected to be disciplined in their outlooks and dispensation in every aspect of college life, which is in their own interests.

No Society/Association/Club or other organizations shall be formed without the prior permission of the college authorities.

No meeting of the students shall be convened and no outside person shall be invited in the college campus without the permission of the college authorities.

No function, social or otherwise shall be organized by the students in or outside the college campus in the name of the college without the permission of the college authorities.

Any student found guilty of breaching discipline, rules or regulations shall be liable to disciplinary action including expulsion from the college, as decided by the college authorities.